Frequently Asked Questions




1)What is GPA (Global Privacy Assembly)? 

It is an international organization where privacy and data protection authorities around the world can come together to carry out their duties practically to ensure high data protection standards, encourage and facilitate cooperation.

2) When was the GPA established?

The GPA first met in Bonn, Germany in 1979 as the International Assembly of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners.

3) What is the purpose of the GPA?

The Global Privacy Assembly (GPA) aims to provide international leadership on data protection and privacy.

4) Which countries are members of the GPA?

The list of member countries can be found at the link below: 

5) What is the GPA Executive Committee?

The GPA Executive Committee (ExCo) is the body responsible for administering and representing the Assembly (GPA).

6) Who is the GPA Executive Committee?

Detailed information about the GPA Executive Committee can be found at: 

7) Who chairs the GPA?

The GPA consists of a governing body,“Executive Committee” (ExCo), which handles management and representation. The Chairperson of the Mexican National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data (INAI) serves as Chairperson of the Committee, and thus of the GPA. 

8) In which countries did the GPA take place?

The previous GPA was held in Mexico on October 18-21, 2021, and information on previous Assemblys can be found at 

9)What is the official website of the GPA?

The official website of the GPA can be accessed at 

10) Is it possible to reach the previous period GPA outputs?

Previous GPA outputs can be accessed from the relevant headings at 

11) When was the Personal Data Protection Authority (KVKK) established?

Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data, which envisages the establishment of the Personal Data Protection Authority, entered into force after being published in the Official Gazette on April 7, 2016. The Authority started its activities on January 12, 2017.

12) What is the legal status of KVKK?

The Personal Data Protection Authority is an independent authority with administrative and financial autonomy and a public legal personality.

13) What is the institutional structure of KVKK?

The Personal Data Protection Authority consists of the "Board" and "The Presidency". The decision body of the Authority is the “Board”.

14) What is the mission and vision of the KVKK?

The mission of the Personal Data Protection Authority is to ensure the protection of personal data in Türkiye within the scope of the protection of fundamental rights and freedoms; the vision is to be a globally recognized competent authority that is influential in the protection of personal data and raising the public awareness in this regard.

15) What are the duties of the Personal Data Protection Board? 

The duties and powers of the Board are listed in fifteen subparagraphs in the first paragraph of Article 22 of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698:



16) When will the 44th GPA / 44th Assembly be held?

The 44th Global Privacy Assembly will be held on October 25-28, 2022 as a hybrid.

17) Where will the Assembly be held?

The 44th Global Privacy Assembly (44th Assembly) will be held in Istanbul, Haliç Congress Center.

18) What is the purpose of the Assembly?

The purpose of theAssembly is to hold eye-opening sessions by bringing together experts in the field of privacy and data protection in the light of current developments, to prepare pioneering and guiding reports and make decisions on the protection of personal data in accordance with the mission and vision of the GPA.

19) Which topics will be covered at the Assembly?

Many topics such as artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, metaverse, cross-border data transfer, processing of personal data during humanitarian aid, protection of children's personal data will be discussed in terms of privacy, taking into account the current developments in technology. 

20) Where can the Assembly program be found?

The Assembly program can be accessed via 

21) In which languages ​​will the Assembly be held?

It will be held simultaneously in Turkish, English, Spanish and French.

22) Who can attend the Assembly?

The Assembly consists of open and closed sessions. In addition to member authorities and observer organizations, relevant persons in the field of data protection, business world, academics, non-governmental organizations, professional organizations and members of the press can participate in the open session.

Only representatives of member authorities and observer organizations can attend closed sessions. 

23) What is the Assembly participation fee?

Participation fee differs for each participant category and detailed information can be found at 

24) What is the deadline for registration to the Assembly?

The registration deadline for all participants is October 7, 2022.

25) What is the date set for the early registration discount for the Assembly?

Participants can benefit from an early registration discount until September 16, 2022.

26) Who is the Program Advisory Committee?

To learn about the Advisory Committee:


27) What does the Assembly logo mean?

The logo is based on the Seljuk Star, with each corner expressing a different human value. One of the corners of the eight-pointed star symbolizes privacy. 

28) What is the main theme of the Assembly this year?

The main theme of the Assembly this year is “A Matter of Balance: Privacy in The Era of Rapid Technological Advancement”.

29) What does this year's main theme draw attention to? 

In our age where technology is advancing rapidly, various problems may occur in terms of establishing the balance between technological benefits and the protection of privacy. To establish a reasonable balance, technologies based on personal data processing and privacy should be considered together. 

30) Does the Assembly have a motto? What is the nature of the motto?

The motto of the 44th Assembly is to complement the main theme and has been determined as #RiseOfPrivacy.

Humans need privacy by nature. Therefore, the protection of privacy is an unchanging fact of the changing world. In this context, the solution of the “matter of balance” underlined in the main theme passes through the “Rise of Privacy”. 

31) Can the updates regarding the 44. Assembly be followed on social networks?

Yes. Updates can be followed from the Twitter account @GPATurkiye2022 created specifically for the Assembly.

32) Are there any contracted hotels for accommodation?

There is no arrangement regarding the accommodation of participants.

33) Is there a shuttle service for transportation to the Assembly?

Shuttle service is not available for transportation to the Assembly venue.

34) Are there any refunds for registration cancellations?

Registration cancellation requests can be made via ​​by notifying the name and application number of the participant. In the event that the participant who will request cancellation of registration should make these notifications until September 16, 2022; after deducting 40 Euros (50 USD), the remaining amount will be refunded. There will be no refunds for cancellation notifications received after that date. 



35) Who are the speakers at the 44th GPA / 44th Assembly?

Many distinguished speakers who are competent in their fields will take part in the Assembly. To access the current program and speakers list, visit


36) Where to find the 44th GPA logo for use in reporting?

It is possible to access the 44th GPA logo on the web page:


37) Is it necessary to have a press card for accreditation? 

For accreditation, “national press members” must have a press card.

38) How to apply for accreditation to watch the program as a press member?

For accreditation, national press members should send the document confirming that they have been assigned to follow the 44th GPA from the institution they work for and the press card number to  ​​e-mail address.

Foreign press members, on the other hand, are required to send the document proving that they work in the organization they belong to and that they have been assigned to follow the 44th GPA to  ​​e-mail address.

If the accreditation application is approved, relevant information will be communicated.

39) What should be the scope of the assignment letter?

In the assignment letter, it should be clearly stated that the media organization in which the press member works has assigned that press member to follow the 44th GPA. 

40) Which sessions can press members to attend?

Press members can participate in open sessions without conducting any live broadcast activities.

41) Will press members pay any fees? 

No. Press members are not required to pay any fee.

42) Will there be an interpreter or simultaneous interpretation for the foreign press? 

Yes. There will be an interpreter or simultaneous interpretation for the foreign press.

43) Will the program be broadcast live?

Due to the  concept of the Assembly, there will be no live broadcasting via any program/application. Only those who register for online participation will access the online broadcasting via a platform.. 

44) Will informational printed publications be distributed before the program? 

An informative note about the 44th GPA will be prepared before the program.